September 2018

Bryan Times 9-1-18

Williams County Democratic Party opposes AOP plan.

Defiance County Commissioners: “We’re opposed to it (AOP plan) until we get more information … until we find out more about the long-term capacity, the current levels, and the (replenishment) rates, we can’t be for it.”

Bryan Times 9-5-18

Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade said she has passed the resolution along to State Sen. Rob McColley and State Rep. Jim Hoops who in turn are passing them to the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Bryan Times 9-8-18

Henry County Water and Sewer District approved agreement to spend $25,000 “to the testing and studying of the Michindoh aquifer as a potential water source for a new ground water plant.”

Bryan Times 9-11-18

AOP submits plan to drill test wells.  No EPA involvement necessary until a plan for production wells is submitted.  AOP has contract only to do test wells, not a contract to do production wells.  Kidston: “Our goal and only contracted responsibility at this point is to confirm data of specific sites.  Our findings will ultimately determine whether additional contracts will materialize for AOP or some other contracted firm, or whether the project will be abandoned in part or in its entirety.”

Commissioners from counties over the Michindoh aquifer hear presentation by U.S. Geological Survey hydrologists and Watson Well Drilling personnel.  USGS study would cost $100,000 and would gather information over a 12-month to 16-month period.  Commissioners discuss problems of forming a tri-state entity.  Jim Watson urges getting agricultural community involved.  “We need to bring in all the players.”

Bryan Times 9-19-18

Pioneer Council considers first reading of a “measure that would suspend debate, public comments and resolution consideration regarding the Michindoh Aquifer until the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency releases its findings on the matter.”

Pioneer Council “neither for nor against” AOP proposal.  Need more information.

Bryan Times 9-22-18

Williams County Mayors Assn. opposes AOP plan.  Mayors of Edon, Blakeslee, Bryan, Montpelier, Edgerton, West Unity, Stryker, and Holiday City all opposed.  Ed Kidston, Mayor of Pioneer and CEO of Artesian of Pioneer not opposed.

Bryan Times 9-29-18

Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade and Williams County Commissioner Brian Davis meet with state officials, deputy directors of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources and senior staf members and legal representatives from both agencies.  Rep. Jim Hoops and Sen. Rob McColley and Rep. Craig Riedel also in attendance.  Jim Watson of Watson Well Drilling was there to provide perspective of his knowledge and experience.  Everyone impressed by the state people participating.

State officials said they were in the process of reaching out to representatives from Indiana and Michigan.

Once AOP begins its application process, ODNR and OEPA will be directly involved in the process.  ODNR will respond to applications 90 days after submission. …. The agency won’t start the 90-day clock until it has every piece of information it requires. … The OEPA has a more extended timeline of 12-18 months for permitting.

Davis and Schlade report the AOP plan would receive additional scrutiny due to the Michindoh’s inclusion in the Great Lakes Compact.

As the process moves forward, Davis said the agencies have committed to local public hearings as required.