October 2018

Bryan Times 10-6-18

Consortium of seven entities approved $164,114 test well agreement with AOP.  The agreement describes a 3-phase process: 1. drill, screen and develop five-inch observation wells … in four to six locations; 2. test pump and existing 12-inch well at a high rate; 3. monitor the effects of the test pumping and take readings.  Phase 1 should take about 3 months.

Consortium also considering other options including Monroe County, Michigan, the City of Detroit, and Toledo.

Bryan Times 10-20-18

During Williams County Commissioners meeting, plans are aired to form a tri-state group to deal with the Michindoh Aquifer.  The group would be patterned after an organization in southwest Ohio called the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Council of Governments.  The group consists of local governments, business organizations and community groups committed to developing collaborative strategies to improve the quality of life and the economic vitality of the region.

One of the prime resources that could be drawn from such tri-state cooperation is the installation of monitoring technology for wells across the Michindoh aquifer in all three states and nine counties.

Rep. Jim Hoops was at the meeting and raised the issue of an enforcement mechanism.

Commissioner Jim Davis: “… the aquifer here needs to be afforded the same respect as the Great Lakes Compact.  So that the water that we have here would not be able to be exported outside of the aquifer.”

Bryan Times 10-30-18

Williams County Alliance surveys incumbents and candidates on their opinions about the Michindoh Aquifer.