November 2018

Toledo Blade 11-6-18

Toledo’s regional charter amendment passes.  Will create a new commission including suburban water customers’ representatives that will recommend drinking water rates.

Bryan Times 11-13-18

Well testing by AOP is underway in Fulton County in three locations north and west of Fayette.

Pioneer Council tables resolution that would have stopped public comment on AOP’s Michindoh plan.  Ed Kidston made comment “we don’t even know it exists” referring to the Michindoh Aquifer.

Bryan Times 11-17-18

Withdrawing 10 million gallons of water per day from the Michindoh Aquifer from sites near Fayette would have a “significant” impact on Williams County, according to Jeremy Rentz, an environmental engineering professor at Trine University.  Statement made during his presentation to 125 people at the Pioneer Community Center.