Kidston’s Production Wells

Bryan Times, Dec. 8, 2018 (report by Ron Osburn, Application for production well field by Artesian)  The Ohio environmental Protection Agency has received an application for a single production water well from Artesian of Pioneer and is in the process of scheduling a site visit with Artesian and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Artesian of Pioneer President and Owner Ed Kidston submitted the “Well Site Application for Production Well” application to the Ohio EPA on Nov. 13.  The EPA conducted an initial review and sent a series of comments seeking clarification on a number of points back to Artesian, and the company responded on Nov. 20.

The Ohio EPA continues to review the application, and the next step is for the EPA and the ODNR to conduct a site evaluation, EPA spokesperson Dina Pierce told The Bryan times Friday.

The application is for a single test production well “in a farm field” in Fulton County, but on documents obtained from the EPA by The Bryan Times, the location in latitude and longitude is redacted.  Unredacted ODNR well logs obtained by The Bryan Times reference a Fulton County site on County Road S in Gorham Township.

Ortman Drilling & Water Services, with a Kokomo, Indiana, address, is listed as the well driller.

Contacted Friday, Kidston said he has drilled four observation wells to date in a location he described as “the Brawley Aquifer,” but would not otherwise confirm the site of the test production well, saying “it’s all public record.”

An easement submitted as part of his Nov. 20 response lists an address of 24668 County Road S, with Kunkle LLC listed as owner.  Kidston said he has not, and never intended to, drill test wells on property he owns on County Road J, just west of Ohio 66, in Franklin Township, near Archbold.

In his Nov. 20 response to the EPA, Kidston wrote that “We acknowledge that a minimum of two wells are required for productions facilities.  Once this well is tested, additional wells will be submitted for approval prior to the design of the water production facility.”

He said the well site application has been updated to show a test flow rate of 1,800 gallons per minute, and once the approved capacity of the well site has been determined, an ODNR Water Withdraw Facility Registration will be submitted.

Kidston’s response also noted water samples have been taken and are currently being evaluated at a laboratory in New Bremen, Ohio.