June-July 2018

Bryan Times 6-30-18

Ed Kidston, AOP, announces plans to drill into Michindoh Aquifer to supply water to Toledo suburbs:  8-10 million gallons per day; 40-year contracts

Bryan Times 7-6-18

Williams County Alliance begins to organize opposition.  Starts collecting signatures on petition opposing AOP’s plan.  Seeks input from local communities.

Bryan Times 7-14-18

Williams County Commissioner Terry Rummel: “At the end of the day, we still don’t have any authority over it.”

Bryan Times 7-17-18

Williams County Commissioners vote in opposition to AOP’S plan.  Terry Rummel abstained.  Lewis Hilkert and Brian Davis voted to oppose.  Hilkert stated “I really feel that we need to take a stand, even though we know Mr. Kidston has a legal right.”

Bryan Times 7-23-18

Bryan City Council and Bryan Board of Public Affairs draft resolution that will be forwarded to the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources and/or the Ohio environmental Protection Agency as a formal request that “should an application for a permit to allow diversion of water from the Michindoh Glacial Outwash Aquifer be requested, public hearings would be held before any such permit would be approved.”

Bryan reaches out to 22 communities relying upon the Michindoh to make them aware of the AOP plan.  Mayor Carrie Schlade states: “Even if this does not pan out for AOP, I think that we have put ourselves in a position where now people know about our aquifer that maybe didn’t before.  We’re going to have to try to set up safeguards for the future.”

Bryan Times 7-24-18

Montpelier Council undecided.  Want more information.  Council President, Nate Thompson: “The Montpelier council could only do so much — offer a resolution.  The matter is for the state to decide, and residents should contact their representatives and members of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency with their concerns.

Communities approve resolutions similar to Bryan’s: Edon, West Unity, Superior Township