Communities threatened


Hillsdale County

  • Townships: Camden, Woodbridge, Amboy, Ransom, Wright, Cambria, Jefferson, Pittsford, and parts of Reading, Adams, Wheatland, Somerset
  • Municipalities: Camden, Waldron, Osseo, North Adams, Montgomery, Frontier, Reading

Lenawee County

  • Townships: Medina, Seneca, Hudson, Rollin, and parts of Fairfield, Dover, Rome, Woodstock
  • Municipalities: Hudson, Morenci, Clayton, Weston, Addison, Manitou Beach, Devils Lake

Branch County

  • Townships:  Algansee, California, and parts of Ovid, Kinderhook
  • Municipalities:  Algansee, California


Steuben County

  • Townships: Clear Lake, York, Richland, and parts of Fremont, Scott, Otsego, Salem
  • Municipalities: Hudson, Ashley, Hamilton, Clear Lake

DeKalb County

  • Townships:  Troy, Stafford, Newville, Franklin, Smithfield, Wilmington, Concord, Spencer, and parts of Jackson, Union.
  • Municipalities:  Ashley, Butler, St. Joe, Spencerville, Newville

Allen County

  • Townships:  parts of Scipio and Springfield


Williams County

  • Townships: Northwest, Bridgewater, Madison, Millcreek, Florence, Jefferson, St. Joseph, Center, Pulaski, Springfield, Superior, Brady
  • Municipalities: Blakeslee, Bryan, Edgerton, Edon, Holiday, Holiday City, Montpelier, Pioneer, Stryker, West Unity

Fulton County

  • Townships: Gorham, western parts of Franklin, German, Chesterfield
  • Municipalities: Fayette

Defiance County

  • Townships: Milford, Hicksville, Farmer, Mark, Washington, Delaware, western part of Tiffin
  • Municipalities: Hicksville, Farmer, Ney, Sherwood

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