Governors’ Letter

Residents of NW Ohio, print this letter for yourself, and if you are dedicated and ambitious, make copies to get signatures from others.  You may mail a few signed copies to Williams County Alliance, P.O. Box 291, Bryan, OH  43506 or drop off signed copies at Partee’s Carpet & Floor Coverings, 225 W. Butler, Bryan.

Here is the link to the Gov. Kasich letter.  It includes place for signature, name, and address.  This is the text of the letter:

Governor Kasich,
I am adamantly opposed to the plan by Artesian of Pioneer (OH) to sell water from the Michindoh aquifer to communities in the greater Toledo area, which already have multiple sources of reliable water.

The Michindoh aquifer is the sole source of water for communities, farms, industries, and businesses in nine counties across Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. We have no other economically feasible source of water.

The existing Ohio regulatory process through the OH EPA and ODNR does not consider the impact of continuous large water withdrawals upon the sustainability of an aquifer. The USGS recently proposed a 10 plus year study of the Michindoh aquifer to gain a be3tter understanding of its mechanics, ability to recharge and volume of water.

The current lack of scientific certainty should not be the excuse for postponing measures to protect the aquifer. Privatization of our water benefits one company and endangers hundreds of thousands of residents. Allowing this privatization could lead to many more large water withdrawal projects from the Michindoh aquifer.

I strongly urge you to expedite a proposal that will resolve the issues between Toledo and the surrounding communities concerning a regional water authority.

In addition, I strongly urge the governors of OH, IN and MI to come together to create an agreement to protect the waters of the Michindoh aquifer in the same manner that the Great Lakes Compact provides to the Great Lakes Basin.

Time is of the essence. Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. I look forward to your response to protect the Michindoh aquifer for current and future generations.