August 2018

Bryan Times 8-7-18

Ed Kidston updates Henry County Regional Water & Sewer District on his plans for test wells.  AOP’s plan may need up to 14 million gallons per day.

Demonstrations take place at Court House in Bryan and elsewhere in the county.

Bryan Times 8-14-18

Pioneer Council meetings become focus of opposition.  Council does not agree to oppose AOP plan.  Councilman Rod Eckley said: “For me, it’s about needing more information.”  Eckley said he didn’t expect the EPA to let the project go through if it would have negative effects and expects them to intervene if it happens and becomes negative.

Williams County Commissioners host meeting of representatives from nine counties located above Michindoh Aquifer.  No official action taken or recommendations for action.  “We’re going to stay in touch,” Brian Davis.

Bryan Times 8-18-18

Jim Watson of Watson Well Drilling, Inc. supports a long-term strategy of monitoring the aquifer’s levels regardless of the outcome of the current debate.  Watson’s opinion is that we have four test wells in every township so that we know that water level.

Terry Rummel agreed:  “I believe thoroughly that the monitoring system is the wave of the future and we need to see that like our weather forecast and eventually we’ll know how much rain has hit, and how fast that’s recharging, so we’ll know how hard we can go. … For me I’m going to push the daylights out of that and even if the Kidston thing goes or doesn’t go, I’m pretty committed to staying on task to pull this together.  Even if the other states don’t want to play, that’s OK, we can still do it as Williams County.”

Bryan Times 8-25-18

Angola, Ind. hosts presentation by hydrologist Jack Wittman, VP and principal geoscientist at Intera GeoScience and Engineering Solutions.  Gives much information on recharge rates and cones of depression.  The entire article is available here.

Bryan Times 8-28-18

Montpelier Council holds meeting to get more information.  Kidston’s hydrologist Todd Feenstra presents his information.  Cites United States Geological Survey monitoring wells located within the Michindoh aquifer “showing no aquifer depletion occurring.”  Feenstra explains EPA regulations.

Montpelier passes amended resolution: “A resolution recognizing and promoting the importance of the groundwater aquifer, and expressing concern regarding the drilling for or private distribution of the groundwater from the Michindoh Glacial Outwash Aquifer to locations outside the designated aquifer.”

Communities approve resolutions similar to Bryan’s” Edgerton, Williams County Township Assn., Madison Township