The OEPA Hearing

If the OEPA were truly interested in protecting our environment, would they be limiting their process to observing the activity at one well for 72 hours?  (They held an on-site visit, maybe they learned a lot by just looking at the surrounding area.)

Don Allison’s opinion column in the March 9 Bryan Times revealed the evidence which history provides.  Quoting from a 1905 book by Thomas Mikesell titled “The County of Fulton,” the report was that “Every new fountain well diminishes the flow of those near it, and as the number of wells in a locality increases, the head is lowered. It is said by older citizens that the fountain head at Bryan has fallen several feet in their recollection, and that many wells, which originally flowed, now have to be furnished with pumps.”

The evidence is in front of our faces.  Years of use by all of us has affected the aquifer below us.  Why would anyone want to ship out 14 million gallons a day to places located miles away with abundant water supplies closer to them?  (Oh, I forgot!  There’s money to be made.)

So the OEPA is going to explain the regulatory process to us.  Let’s hear them explain what happened to all the fountains?

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