Governor’s Letters

There were 665 letters collected.  Lyle and Angie Brigle counted and sorted them as follows:  192 from Bryan, 103 from Pioneer, 71 from both Montpelier and Defiance, 35 from Edon, 34 from Archbold, 33 from Edgerton, 18 from Stryker.  Twenty-eight other communities were also represented with numbers ranging from 1 to 9.

It is interesting to note that three phone calls to our Governor’s office, two of which were only voicemail messages not returned, resulted in our having to mail the letters rather than hand-deliver them as originally intended.  Apparently our “security-minded” elected officials must keep their distance from constituents.

Even the phone call from The Bryan Times asking for clarification did not get a response by the time of publication.

As reported in The Bryan Times Dec. 8 article, the letter made several key points:

The people signing them were “adamantly opposed to the plan by Artesian of Pioneer to sell water from the Michindoh Aquifer to communities in the greater Toledo area.”

The “existing Ohio regulatory process through the Ohio EPA and ODNR does not consider the impact of continuous water withdrawals upon the sustainability of the aquifer.”

“The current lack of scientific certainty should not be the excuse for postponing measures to protect the aquifer.”

“Privatization of our water benefits one company and endangers hundreds of thousands of residents and could lead to more large water withdrawal projects from the Michindoh Aquifer.”

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