“Does Michindoh aquifer even exist?”

Those were the words included in a statement by Ed Kidston, Mayor of Pioneer, OH, and CEO of Artesian of Pioneer during the November 12 council meeting.  First, he asked if anyone could verify that a contract had been signed indicating something was happening with the Michindoh aquifer.  Then he asked, “Does the Michindoh aquifer even exist?”  The third question was whether anyone could tell him whether a well drilled 20 miles away would harm the citizens of Pioneer.  For a complete report on the council meeting, see The Toledo Blade.

It might be a good idea for Mr. Kidston to attend the presentation by Dr. Jeremy Rentz on Thursday, Nov. 15, 6:30 – 8:30  in the Pioneer Community Center.  His talk is titled “Effects of large water withdrawals on the Michindoh aquifer.”  Dr. Rentz is an Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Trine University.  I’m sure he would be able to answer the question whether the Michindoh aquifer even exists.

We are left to wonder why anyone who has repeatedly stated his intention to sell Michindoh Aquifer water to communities to the east would now be questioning its very existence!


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