Elected Officials Ignore Us?

The Nov. 1 Bryan Times showed the results of a survey sent to all candidates for state office.  The survey asked five questions:

  1.  Do you believe groundwater is a public resource that should not be sold for profit?
  2. Do you agree that large water withdrawals from the Michindoh Aquifer to locations outside the aquifer boundaries should be prohibited?
  3. Should state law provide for local control and management of aquifers?
  4. Would you vote to direct public funds to local projects such as community drinking water infrastructure and groundwater monitoring?
  5. If elected, what would you do to protect the Michindoh Aquifer?.  They are ignoring our concerns about the safety of our Michindoh Aquifer.  See the answers given by their competitors here.

Only one of the incumbents replied to the Survey.  That was Brian Davis, currently Williams County Commissioner.  Neither of our Columbus-based legislators responded.  We have another approach: contact the Governor!   We want to flood his office with hard copies of letters from residents of NW Ohio concerned about our sole source of water.  To understand the impact, consider if we had a piece of paper for every signature on our petition?  We would have 7,000 pieces of paper!  We think that might get his attention.

So, please, make copies of the letter, get them signed, and either mail them to Williams County Alliance, P.O. Box 291, Bryan, OH  43506 or drop them off at Partee’s Carpet & Floor Covering, 225 W. Butler, Bryan.

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